• Fake Reviews

    2019年9月15日 by

    The first thing most people do before clicking the “add to cart” button for their impulse shopping is to check the reviews to see whether the goods are good. There are multiple sites or businesses exist for this simple reason, or so I call it, the review industry. Businesses like Yelp, Foursquare, and RottenTomatoes are… Read more

  • Why IMC? (Not YMCA!)

    2019年9月11日 by

    A lot of people subscribed to the idea that digital media will eventually replace traditional media, therefore it is useless to use traditional business in building a business. They believe that it is possible to build a business using just online media. What is Integrated Marketing Communication? But in order to stand out in such… Read more

  • SEO – Games for Big Companies with Big Money?

    2019年9月3日 by

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic arriving to your website through organic search engine. Since Google has been dominating the world wide web for many years, with 92.37% of the market share, SEO is also referred as Google marketing. With up to 75% of users do… Read more

  • Big Data for SME?

    2019年8月28日 by

    Whenever we think about big data, we instinctively think about big company such as Google, Amazon and so on. These companies are equipped with the resources and capabilities to acquire real time data on the go. Tons of data are being collected via different means including computer networks, social media profiles, web browsing histories, mobile… Read more

  • Micro-Moments for the Elder Population

    2019年8月18日 by

    The smartphones we carry every day is millions of times more powerful than Nasa’s computers used to fly Apollo 11 to the moon. Almost every one of us have a smartphone. Singapore has one of the highest smartphone penetration in the world, with more than 90% of the adults using smartphone. With almost all the… Read more

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